Sunday, 20 October 2013

Post 12 Suffolk

Southwold  Common 
I went to Southwold, it's a nice town on the North Sea coast. I did well playing my pipes there and enjoyed watching the ships going up the coast. I stopped by some old water towers on the common. It was a bit out of my way but I'm glad l went there.
Blytheburgh, Suffolk

Now I'm heading south again, Suffolk has some lovely old buildings.
Laxfield, Suffolk, Belle sold

I stopped in the village of Laxfield  to do some shopping and sold Belle to a nice lady. I missed Belle for a bit but it's much easier for me now, and  my wallet is a bit fatter. Tarateeno is glad as he no longer has to share carrots with her, he never liked anyone giving her carrots as he believed they were all his, horses are not generally good at sharing titbits and l don't really like people hand feeding them.
 The next day l had difficulty finding a good stop, after 19 miles l finally  did find a place at the end of a bridleway. There  wasn't a lot of space and l was glad l didn't have Belle anymore. At this time of year the grass loses a lot of its goodness and l need to start feeding Tarateeno extra food. The next day l went by a farm and chatted to the old farmer. He was dressed in old blue overalls, with a leather belt  holding them together, he had one Wellington boot on and  on the other foot an old workboot without a lace. He was very friendly. I asked him if he could sell me some rolled barley for my  cob, he didn't have any but said he had some proper horsefeed. He shambled  off and after a while returned with a whole sack of really good horsefeed  and didn't want any money for it. I thanked him and gave him some of my clothes pegs. South of Lavenham l stopped the night by a gun emplacement from the last war. There is a whole line of them and they  protected a nearby railway line, ironically the railway was destroyed completely by the British  government a few years later.
WW2 Pillbox nr Lavenham

Two old men in their 80s came by in an old truck and stopped to chat, despite their age they were still earning money selling firewood. They said they could remember the gun emplacements  being built. They took my 5 gallon water container and filled it with water for the horse. I was really glad.Suffolk is mainly arable country so there are not many troughs  to water the horse.