Sunday, 13 October 2013

Post 11 Norfolk and Suffolk‏

 Malcom, Foulden Common October 8th

Stopped on a lovely common near Stoke Ferry , what a beautiful peaceful place. Some places have a really nice feel to them. There is a handy stream to get water for the horses and plenty of grass and firewood. I've had some nice visitors and sold some pegs and a candle holder. On the way here l met a man driving a cart pulled by a Welsh cob. He came and had a cup of tea. I've not travelled in Norfolk and before. It's always harder travelling in unknown country where l don't know the stopping places, but it's exciting too and good to meet new people. I like the cottages and churches faced with flint stone . There are a lot of Munt Jac deer. They have a funny sort of bark a bit like a dog. They're about the size of a big dog. There was one grazing on the next village green l stopped on.
Merton village green
When l stop on a village green it's interesting to see what reaction l get. At Merton l stopped on the green, after a while there was a loud knock on the wagon door, a brusque, slightly indignant voice said, 'you're on my land', l looked out, smiled at the old man and said, 'that's alright l don't mind at all.' We got chatting and he was quite interesting. He didn't really mind me being there and why should he?  Earlier in the day I'd been to the supermarket and many people came and said , how lovely etc, but when l stop on the village green they're not always so enthusiastic. It might  be  a case of, 'not in my back yard.'  Often people are delighted, you never know, either way it's not my problem. You might very well own a house on the green and your neighbours hate you. At least l can go in the morning. You certainly can't please everyone.
Supermarket at Watton, Norfolk
There's been a lot of wind and heavy rain the last few days. Flurries of conkers,acorns and chestnuts keep falling off the trees onto me and the horses, the road is carpeted in them and they make a pleasing crunching sound as we go along. Sunday 13th October. Pouring with rain until 10am, lit the stove and went back to bed until it stopped. Went through Halesworth and stopped on some rough grass at Blyford opposite the Queens Head and the church. The Christians are celebrating harvest festival this afternoon. On Sundays they drive like the Devil's after them, or because they're late for church. After church they drive like the Devil because they're worried about their joint in the oven burning.
Two of the Christians have parked their cars very close to Tarateeno. While they're in church worrying and praying the Sunday roast doesn't burn, Tarateeno is enjoying rubbing his bottom on their cars. Once a car parked too close to Tarateeno, he saw his reflection in the car window, mistakenly thought he was being confronted by another horse, bared his teeth at it, his reflection bared its teeth back and Tarateeno struck out with a front leg and made a big dent in the side of the car. Realising his mistake he immediately  forgot about it and carried on eating. The owner of the car took longer to get over it.