Monday, 17 February 2014

Post 19.John Parker International‏

I stopped in the yard at John Parker International for a couple of days and rested. I put my horse in a stable and dried him out and gave him a good grooming. Everyone was very friendly an helpful. There was plenty of good hay. On Tuesday the horse went on a lorry that was going to Portugal with some other horses, the wagon went on a trailer and Fred Parker took me in the pick up truck that was pulling the trailer.
Leaving the yard at John Parker International
The sea wasn't rough and we had a good crossing.
Fred took me to the village of Escalles and dropped me off by the cliffs at Cap Blanc Nez, Fred was very careful and professional loading and unloading my wagon. After Fred had gone l sorted out the wagon and after a short while the lorry with my horse arrived. It was good to see him again and he was glad to be back on his tether eating grass.
Escalles, unloading the wagon
I'm really pleased l asked John Parker International to take me across the channel, they were very efficient, professional and kind, they also organised the export licence for the horse. It was very easy and relaxing for me, and didn't cost a lot. It was interesting chatting to Fred, he told me they'd even moved Zebra and camels. They also fly horses all over the world.

Tarateeno unloading in France