Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Post 8, N.W.Cumbria.

 Solway 1st September

North West Cumbria. Went round  around Carlisle on a lovely new bypass, I've never liked Carlisle, so l think it's a great idea. Stopped on the shore at Allonby, cold windy day. Lit my woodburner and cooked scrambled eggs. A retired couple who live in the village invited me over for a drink, that was kind of them. Much warmer  and sunny the next day and l went to Maryport and played my pipes. These  pictures were taken by my friend George Bell. The people in this part of Cumbria are nice and friendly. Lots of the lads have a few cobs  and will drive a wagon to Appleby horse fair for their holiday. One old man said to me , "that's a lall cob, feeet ." I think that translates as, "that's a nice fit cob."  One night l stopped down  'potter's lonin '[lane]. In the old days Gypsys  were often called potter's up here, this is  because they would  travel around hawking pottery that they'd  bought in Staffordshire. When l got to the top of a hill near Caldbeck , l stopped and had a rather poignant look north, back across the Solway to Scotland, l did have a lovely time there and wondered when I'd be back.

 A handfull of pegs

I visited 'Swanny.' He has several good cobs and a wagon. He asked me to show him how to make a clothes peg. It looks easy when you watch someone do it but takes a bit of practise, especially if you're going to make them quickly. I usually have my secateurs  on the porch of the wagon and cut a few wands out of the hedge as l go along. Hazel is best but Sally willow is ok. I couldn't get rich selling pegs, but l like making them and keeping the tradition alive. Only a handful of people make them now.
Swanny and his Grandson