Saturday, 17 August 2013

Post 6, Tinsmithing

 Tinkering or tinsmithing

Tinsmithing is one of the ways I can earn a living. It is a traditional craft of the road. In the picture I am making a small bucket out of some galvanized sheet that I unscrewed from the back of a scrap tumble dryer and a cooker. Sometimes I show other people how to make a small item, and in the picture below my friend John has made a copper candle sconce out of a scrap immersion heater. He worked hard on this and was really pleased with it. While he was stopped with me he cooked some lovely meals and it was a fair exchange.

 In this picture my friend Gabrielle is learning how to make copper rivets, so that she can rivet a handle on.
 Here Gabrielle is finishing off her candle holder. We were stopped by a lovely old-fashioned hay stack. The little girl was holding her pet hen, (called Henrietta, I think).
 Gabrielle is making the handle using the stake for folding.
Here is a picture of the tools I use for tinsmithing. It's really satisfying making items to sell on the way, and people come over to watch and like to buy what I've made.